Still In Love: Life After “I Do” // photo series + personal project

When Erik and I got engaged, we knew we wanted to learn from both the victories and mistakes of others before us, so we sought the counsel and guidance of our married friends and family. Some of them have been married for 5 years, others 50 years. The advice we got can be summed up with this:

Marriage isn’t easy.
There are lots of ups and downs.
They are seasons where, bottom line, it’s tough.

However, marriage is the most beautiful, amazing thing you can ever be part of.


As a wedding photographer (and, let’s face it – as a girl), it’s so easy to focus on the wedding day more than the marriage. Trust me – I’ve spent my share of time on wedding blogs! However, when Erik and I started wedding planning, I felt a strong conviction to not inundate myself with details of “the day.” I wanted to prepare for marriage – What does it mean to be a wife? A future mom? What do my marriage vows mean to me? What do they mean to Erik?

When I think about my wedding day, I can honestly say it was the most incredible, beautiful, and worshipful day I will ever experience. It wasn’t because of my flowers or the reception decor (although I think they looked beautiful!). It was because of what that day meant to me and my groom. The hours we spent in premarital counseling, talking to our married friends, and learning about the covenant called ” marriage ” … we finally started our journey.


I was so amazed and humbled at how my wedding photos (taken by one of my favorite photographers, Josh Elliott) gained a ton of internet attention, thanks to websites like Pinterest and Tumblr. In particular, there was one photo that received a lot of attention – Erik and I praying together before our ceremony without seeing each other:


What’s most incredible is that people weren’t commenting on how awesome everything looked; instead, they were writing about how the pictures struck them—what they felt witnessing Erik and I become husband and wife. One commenter wrote , “I definitely cried looking through those photos. They evoke something so deep, something so pure, and something so beautiful. Wonderful job, I am moved and inspired.” Another commenter simply said, “This is what a wedding is supposed to be like.” It was extremely humbling to read these. I loved that what made my wedding great wasn’t me and Erik or the details; it was the beauty of our marriage covenant.

What these comments made me realize is that people are desiring something more from weddings. Simply put, the wedding industry is thirsty for less “wedding” stuff

In my vows when I told Erik “till death do us part ,” I meant it. I’m in it for the long-haul. It’s a covenant that no one can break. The reactions from my wedding photos convince me that I’m not alone. Because of this, I’m excited to present to you…



I’ll be combining my two passions – love that withstands all seasons of life and photography that captures life’s special moments. Still in Love is a personal project that is so dear to me and I pray others will be blessed by it.

Here’s where YOU come into play. Do you know a married couple whose love for each other has made a positive impact on your life? If so, here’s your opportunity to share their story with others! Please send me a photo of the couple along with a description of what makes their love so special to I’ll be selecting special couples to receive a complimentary photo session in the Southern California area! I want to photograph them, talk with them & learn from them.

I’m looking forward to learning about marriage and life after “I Do”. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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